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tv   WISN 12 News at 530PM  ABC  October 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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>> now on wisn 12 news. a dream come sad news to start. a baby is dead and tonight. the milwaukee police department's sensitive crimes unit is investigating. neighbors woke up to a woman screaming in the street. sheldon: officers were called to the apartment building near 28th an milwaukee medical examiner's office. that's where terry sater joins us live tonight. terry? terry: a family member tells me the child's name is deshelya. the baby's body is here at the medical examiner's office tonight awaiting an autopsy and tonight the medical examiner's office tells me. so far, there's nothing suspicious. that's not what witnesses were saying on the scene this morning. what's clear is everyone was grieving the loss of a baby we were told was just three months old. we spoke with a woman who says
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inside to pray with the family. >> they allowed me to go in the room. innocent baby laying there, three months old. baby appeared to be clean. and she looked like her dad. >> i woke up. i see nothing, but cops and i come outside and i heard that it was a baby that died. terry: the detective i spoke with in sensitive crimes says he wasn't able to tell me any the baby's father was arrested this morning while police were here at the apartment. he was visibly upset and officers say he wasn't cooperating with their effort to keep everyone calm. we hope to have more on this case as the night progresses. reporting live at the medical examiner's office, terry sater, wisn 12 news. sheldon: milwaukee has one of the worst infant mortality rates in the country. health officials say an average
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birthday. experts say there are several reasons for this, like unsafe sleeping practices, birth defects, and problems related to prematurity. as soon as we find out what how this baby died we'll send out a breaking news alert on the wisn 12 news mobile app. if you haven't already, download the free app to your smartphone or tablet. adrienne: a west bend man is in custody tonight. police say he tried shooting at two officers. after getting reports of gunshots near edgewood lane, off east washington street, police found a 24-year-old man standing in a yard. according to investigators he pointed a gun in their direction and pulled the trigger but the gun misfired. the gunman went inside a nearby home. he eventually walked outside, hours later, and police arrested him. no one was hurt. police found a man dead in an alley on milwaukee's northwest side. officers tell us someone shot two men in their 20's near 66th and lisbon late last night. one victim drove himself to go
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police found the other man dead. we're still working to find out if they have someone in custody for the crimes. sheldon: investigators think an argument between two women inside a milwaukee nightclub led to one of them getting shot in her car. the shooting happened near 31'st and villard just after closing time this morning. milwaukee police say the 22-year-old victim is in very critical condition. they're still looking for the woman who shot her. adrienne: get the vaccine. it's the message to students at her car.u.w. madison after a ram of meningitis put two of their classmates in the hospital last week. university health services is offering free type b meningitis vaccinations, starting thursday. symptoms of the illness are similar to that of the flu. it can be treated with antibiotics, but is potentially deadly. this particular strain has been linked to outbreaks on at least six college campuses in recent years including one death at u.w. madison in 2013. the university says the two
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sheldon: happening now, part of i-41 is back open tonight after a major weekend closure. all southbound lanes, from watertown plank to the zoo interchange were shut down friday night until midday today. crews were installing tub girders for the new interchange ramps. to commitment 2016 now and the role millennial could play in the election. they are 18- to 34-years-old, and now represent 69.2 million voters. a recent qunnipiac poll shows of the likely voters in that generation one in four are leaning toward a third party candidate. thema ponton stopped by the uwm campus to hear what some students there had to say. thema: the students we spoke with here say they are paying attention to the selection, and many say they plan to cast their vote at the polls on election day. and if the signs around campus are any indication, students should have no trouble making sure their vote is counted on
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there's information on voting, information students say they're not ignoring because they want to make sure their voice is heard. >> i definitely have felt before like my opinion doesn't matter, like i am being shut down and not considered. the only way to change that is to do something, even if it is just dropping a valid, that is something. thema: and when it comes to who they' give names but did say they will definitely be exercising their right to vote for whoever they want. >> it is something that a lot of people have fall for the past, for a right for me to do. i feel this something i should do. thema: in milwaukee, thema ponton, wisn 12 news. sheldon: the mindset of millenial voters heading into if people have fall for the the election was a topic this
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strategist ashley spillane to find out what young voters are looking for in a candidate. >> the millennial generation is the most diverse in the country and it's also the largest. and we affiliate less and less with political parties and more the election was a topic this drawn to individuals who talk about the issues that matter most to us. sheldon: by the way, you can see matter of fact, every sunday morning at 9:30, right here on wisn 12. adrienne: as the clock counts down to election day, we have some important deadlines for you. in person on election day, but if you want to mail in your registration, the deadline to do so, is this coming wednesday, october 19. if you need an absentee ballot delivered to your home, the deadline for your request to arrive at your municipal clerks office is thursday, november 3. election day is now just more than three weeks away -- tuesday, november 8. a reminder, you need a photo id in order to cast your ballot in this election. to the campaign trail now.
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from events, but tomorrow donald trump will stop in wisconsin. the republican nominee is hosting a rally at the ki convention center in green bay tomorrow night. trump was also supposed to attend an event in west allis but the campaign cancelled friday because of a scheduling conflict. hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine is spending the weekend stumping for votes in florida. the democratic nominee is also getting some help on the campaign trail from former secretary of health and human services, kathleen sebelius. she's hosting an event right here in milwaukee, in about 30 minutes, and two more events in janesville and madison tomorrow. sheldon: and clinton and trump will go head to head in their final presidential debate this wednesday in las vegas. watch the debate live right here on wisn 12 starting at 8:00. and another quick reminder, this week you'll have the opportunity to watch the candidates go head to head in the u.s. senate race. watch russ feingold and ron johnson face off in a debate
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partnership with the marquette university law school. it's tuesday night at 8:30. mike gousha will moderate the discussion. adrienne: today started a bit rainy but it ended pretty fast. sheldon: now we just have the leftover clouds. lindsey, is the sun ever coming back? lindsey: it will. rainy but it ended pretty fast. will tell you when it will feel like summer ahead in weatherwatch 12. sheldon: plus, an important reminder for wisconsin seniors. coming up, the changes you can now make to your medicare plans. adrienne: also ahead, taking a trip around the world, without ever leaving the classroom. the wisconsin elementary school taking a virtual twist on theiru
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adrienne: medicare open-enrollment is here. sheldon: between now and december 7, wisconsin residents 65 and older can change their plans. every plan has made changes for 2017. that's why it's important to take a close look at each to figure out which is best for you. the open enrollment. continues -- the open enrollment period continues until december
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need help. check out our website,, for a link to that information. third graders at one wisconsin school are traveling around the world and back in time, all from the comfort of their classroom. adrienne: it's thanks to a new virtual reality program launched this school year at wrightstown elementary. they include 25 smart phones and 25 cardboard virtual reality viewers. the virtual field trips give students a feeling that they're really flying an airplane or riding a roller coaster -- even visiting the eiffel tower. >> the lesson that they're working on right now is actually writing for stories. they're getting background information, they're going to make a narrative with wherever they are in the world. they're going to create a story with this as their setting. adrienne: the virtual reality kits, provided by cellcom, are on loan at the school for two weeks. still ahead, it may only be october, but governor walker is
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sheldon: how you can help decorate the christmas tree that will shine bright inside the state capitol this holiday season coming up. lindsey: and it sure doesn't feel like christmas. heck, it doesn't even feel like october. find out when the cool weather
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adrienne: looking ahead, milwaukee county residents have two more chances to have your say on the proposed budget plan for next year. the common council is holding a public hearing on the proposal this tuesday. it starts at 6:30 tonight at city hall. the budget includes more money for police. the mayor's plan would translate to a $37 increase in taxes and fees for most families in milwaukee. ' to milwaukee. the host of the show "what would you do?" will be the keynote speaker for sharp literacy's 16th annual a novel event. it's tomorrow at noon at the pfister hotel ballroom. tickets are still available. it's that time of year, almost. governor scott walker is putting out a call for ornaments to decorate this years' capitol christmas tree. the theme is wisconsin wildlife. the governor is asking students to submit their designs by
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the capitol rotunda throughout the holiday season. sheldon: i can't help but try to get into the christmas spirit but it's feeling a little warm outside. it's not even really feeling like fall. lindsey: i remember going with my husband out today and it felt like september. but the cooldown is coming, it's coming. there. 61 degrees right now, and this is how most of us were spending the day. there was one point where i saw the sun for two seconds and that was it. a lot of folks in sheboygan said they had some, so they are the lucky ones. really it's mostly a dreary day. there's a little pop of color, because today was all gray.
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in. pretty soon, all the trees are going to turn brown. we will have some mild days ahead. the cooldown is not happening yet. we should get some sun tomorrow but i am tracking a little bit of rain as well. for now, we are just stuck in the stubborn cloud deck. there's a lot more of it to the north and west. there are some areas near west bend, you have some clearing skies. remind us what it looks like. we do have another weather system on the way. this will be a warm front first happening for much of overnight tonight and tomorrow. we do have another weather then behind that we have a cold front, and that is going to help trigger a few showers as we head into tuesday. here is where the front to sitting right now. it's also the reason why it might be drizzly out there. fronts like to take all that moisture and take it up.
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off drizzle showers, a couple isolated showers. then behind that we have a cold the main bulk of the activity is going to be to the north. we are just talking on and off, isolated, scattered showers, barely umbrella were the. -- worthy. then it stalls for areas in the north. i'm not going to rule out a couple showers, but it just kind of stays appear. of fire, but nonetheless, something to keep in mind. if you need to mow the lawn, grasses are still too wet. tomorrow is an iffy chance. it depends on if you can dodge isolated showers. tuesday and wednesday are looking pretty good. then as we head toward next week, get ready for the cooldown. this whole 70's thing will be lasting much longer. i'll show you in the forecast.
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isolated showers, temperatures very mild. typically this time of year we see temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's; today we had a high of 72. tomorrow, 77. that feels like an indian summer. then look what happens after the cold front. fall returns by thursday. a when i walked up this morning it was downright hot. adrienne: in sports, the packers try for their third straight win at lambeau field. sheldon: while the badgers suffer their second straight close loss. where wisconsin landed in the polls, and what their freshman quarterback said about his performance. dan needles is in next with big
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dan: another rough game for aaron rodgers and the defense might not be able to bail him out. on the day brett favre received
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there was a fumble on the dallas in the third, the end of the first half on the 97 yard touchdown drive after leading in the fourth quarter. it will be a quick turnaround for both the packers and bears, who meet at lambeau field thursday night, but at least the packers will get to remain at home. the bears continue to devise new ways to lose today at home against the jaguars, they let a 16-7 fourth quarter lead slip away, just as aurelius benn slipped away from the bears re on a 51 yard, go-ahead touchdown. jacksonville beats chicago, 17-16. the lions have won 2 in a row, despite a career day from rams quarterback case keenum, who threw that touchdown pass to milwaukee native lance kendricks. however, matt stafford threw 4 touchdown passes for detroit, including that one to golden tate the lions win 31-28 on the late field goal by matt prater.
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add a spark, and he did here with the 53-yard touchdown pass to torey smith. however the bills dominated this game, lesean mccoy with three td runs, the bills have won four in a row, 45-16 the final. despite losing two straight games, the badgers are ranked 10th in both of the college football polls. it certainly helped bucky that both losses were by just seven points against top five teams. last night, they dropped an overtime decision to 2nd 450 total yards. freshman alex hornibrook looked sharp early and finished 214 yards passing on 16 completions, including one touchdown. but hornibrook also threw a costly interception that led to a buckeyes score and he wasn't able to get the badgers into the end zone in overtime. >> there are still a ton of
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of room to improve, not close to where it want to be. we are going to work on those things tomorrow and throughout the week, but we definitely need to improve. >> this group cares about each other, and they also want to be the best football players they can be and contribute to this team. we have a ton of guys and alex is one of them. dan: purdue has fired head football coach darrell hazell after a three-and-three start. the boilermakers were just nine-and-33 since hazell took over in 2013. and reports brok last night that the bucks have traded point guard michael carter williams to the bulls for guard tony snell, that move is expected to be made official tomorrow. the bucks leaves the bucks thin at the point guard position behind giannis.
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favre thing .take wisn 12 news -- a brett favre thing. we died that day. it was bad. lindsey: let's talk about your forecast. there's a look at your seven-day. it feels like summer out there with 70 degree temperatures, but we will see temperatures fall by the end of the week.
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